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The history of the Canadian Oil Sands is rich...extending over 110 years
www.maptown.com/local-push-global-pull-book-signing-may-30-2012.htmlhe Oil sands, one must understand the history first.

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Book of the Year Award, 2011, Petroleum History Society

Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, 2011 - Count Alfred von Hammerstein induction

Joyce Hunt's illustrated book entitled "Local Push - Global Pull" is a documented history of Canada's Oil Sands from 1900 to 1930.

If the Oil Sands have been a curiosity to you and you want to fully understand and appreciate the events that shaped the development of the Oil Sands industry in Alberta, this book is must read. In order to have an educated opinion about the Oil sands, one must first understand the history that led to the development of this massive resource.

 We are very excited that Count Alfred von Hammerstein, one of the characters from the book, was inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame in September 2011 in the pioneer category.


Not many people can say that seeing a newspaper advertisement from 1915 would forever change the direction of their lives, but Joyce e. Hunt can. In the mid-1970s, while living in the oil sands heartland of Fort McMurray, Alberta, this educator and perennial student of history came across an ad from an early edition of the Edmonton Bulletin. It encouraged the public to “forget that silly talk about Calgary oil fields,” and invest in a company preparing to drill “in the real oil fields of the great north, where the oil actually tis.”

This evidence of great enthusiasm for Alberta’s vast oil sands resource potential at such an early stage in the game ignited in Joyce a profound fascination. She began scouring private, provincial, state, and national archives for more information about oil sands development in the period between 1900 and 1930, uncovering a surprising story of drive, perseverance and progress-a story that truly has never been told before.

Joyce’s extensive analysis of primary source historical material offers compelling parallels between the trials and tribulations faced by early players and the challenges affronted by contemporary developers, including fickle economics, logistical mountains, technology breakthroughs, and changing regulations. This is the story of the personalities and projects that laid the foundation for their successors to overcome seemingly insurmountable tests and win one of the greatest energy resources the world will ever know.


"Joyce Hunt’s timely, meticulously researched and extraordinarily interesting account will engage all who might wish to place contemporary oil sands development in historical context."

Dr. David H. Breen, Emeritus Professor of History.
Department of History, University of British Columbia Vancouver


"Joyce Hunt has taken the development of the oil sands of western Canada and created a most interesting and intriguing story that often reads like a novel instead of a very important historical book. She has not only provided an extremely well documented history, but also has created a most readable story. I recommend this book on oil sands history to all readers not just historians."

Dr. William R. Brice, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Geology and Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh, Past President: Petroleum History Institute, Editor: Oil-Industry History, Author: Myth, Legend, Reality: Edwin Laurentine Drake and the Early Oil Industry


"This book documents the early days of a game-changing quest for energy independence by many players. The documentary boldly describes and illustrates the interplay of local and global forces. It invites the reader to realize that the end of the final story is ultimately far in the future. This narrative presents technical, political, and economic factors, all overlain by human-interest stories of courage, perseverance, and initiative. It’s a story of promises made and promises broken, a story of rugged conditions, of pioneering discovery and fortitude, a story of innovation and it’s a story of the market place."

John H. Dyck, P.Eng., Ph.D. Saskatoon, SK, Canada.


"Joyce and Peter Hunt have made a significant contribution to capturing the history, spirit and heroic efforts of the pioneers at the earliest stages of oil sands development. Canadians need to know that these pioneers of the oil sands created a legacy for the country that we should all be proud of."

Rick George, President and CEO Suncor Energy, Inc.


"“Local Push Global Pull is a story about vision, perseverance, courage and entrepreneurship that represent the qualities of leadership required for the 21st Century development of the oil sands resource. I want to congratulate Joyce and Peter for a publication that ensures we don’t forget where we have come from and inspires all of us who are now involved in creating the future of Canada’s oil sands resource."

Steve Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Suncor Energy, Inc.

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